Class ActiveList

  extended bycom.oktiva.mogno.Component
      extended bycom.oktiva.mogno.Visual
          extended bycom.oktiva.mogno.additional.ActiveList
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class ActiveList
extends Visual

Component to create a indented list.
This components outputs an indented list, with optional ActionLinks and parameters at LIs.

$Id:,v 2005/01/05 16:52:51 ruoso Exp $
Itamar Carvalho <> and others.

Field Summary
 java.lang.String list
          A string with the list of items.
 java.lang.String separator
          The field separator to be used at a regexp split.
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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 java.lang.String getList()
 java.lang.String getSeparator()
 void receiveRequest(javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest request)
          Receive the request and rebuild the properties using the data that the user has filled in.
 void setList(java.lang.String list)
 void setSeparator(java.lang.String separator)
 java.lang.String show()
          Implements just the dispatching of the onShow event
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Field Detail


public java.lang.String list
A string with the list of items. Each item in one line.

The indentation is made by the number of white spaces before the first character.

The lines can have up to 5 "fields" separated by a separator:

  1. The line item content
  2. The line item attributes
  3. The ActionLink name
  4. The ActionLink evOnClick value
  5. (required if there is a name for the ActionLink)
  6. The ActionLink params
Only the first field is required. If there is no ActionLink data, then

See Also:
separator, ActionLink, ActionLink.params, Li


public java.lang.String separator
The field separator to be used at a regexp split. Default: |.
Note: remember to do regex scaping if you change this.

Constructor Detail


public ActiveList()
Method Detail


public java.lang.String getList()


public void setList(java.lang.String list)


public java.lang.String getSeparator()


public void setSeparator(java.lang.String separator)


public java.lang.String show()
                      throws java.lang.Exception
Description copied from class: Visual
Implements just the dispatching of the onShow event

show in class Visual


public void receiveRequest(javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest request)
Description copied from class: Visual
Receive the request and rebuild the properties using the data that the user has filled in. This is a stub method

receiveRequest in class Visual
request - HttpServletRequest