Class DoubleInput

  extended bycom.oktiva.mogno.Component
      extended bycom.oktiva.mogno.Visual
          extended bycom.oktiva.mogno.html.Input
              extended bycom.oktiva.mogno.additional.DoubleInput
All Implemented Interfaces:
Direct Known Subclasses:
CurrencyInputView, DoubleInputView

public class DoubleInput
extends Input

TODO Add javascript to verify the syntax.

Field Summary
 int maxFractionDigits
          NumberFormat attribute
 java.lang.Double maxValue
          Attribute to be used when checking syntax.
 int minFractionDigits
          NumberFormat attribute
 java.lang.Double minValue
          Attribute to be used when checking syntax.
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Constructor Summary
          Creates a new instance of DoubleInput
Method Summary
 void checkSyntax()
          Check the syntax for this component.
 java.lang.Double getDoubleValue()
          Return the value as an Double object.
 int getMaxFractionDigits()
          Get the MaxFractionDigits value.
 java.lang.Double getMaxValue()
 int getMinFractionDigits()
          Get the MinFractionDigits value.
 java.lang.Double getMinValue()
 java.util.Vector nonAttributeGetters()
          Method used to define what methods started with "get" or "is" are not component attributes getter methods.
 void receiveRequest(javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest request)
          Receive the request and rebuild the properties using the data that the user has filled in.
 void setDoubleValue(java.lang.Double value)
          Set the value of the input passing a double value
 void setMaxFractionDigits(int newMaxFractionDigits)
          Set the MaxFractionDigits value.
 void setMaxValue(java.lang.Double minValue)
 void setMinFractionDigits(int newMinFractionDigits)
          Set the MinFractionDigits value.
 void setMinValue(java.lang.Double minValue)
 void setNumberFormat(java.text.NumberFormat numberFormat)
          Sets a different NumberFormat object to use when setting the value from a Double.
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Field Detail


public java.lang.Double minValue
Attribute to be used when checking syntax.


public java.lang.Double maxValue
Attribute to be used when checking syntax.


public int minFractionDigits
NumberFormat attribute


public int maxFractionDigits
NumberFormat attribute

Constructor Detail


public DoubleInput()
Creates a new instance of DoubleInput

Method Detail


public void receiveRequest(javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest request)
Description copied from class: Visual
Receive the request and rebuild the properties using the data that the user has filled in. This is a stub method

receiveRequest in class Input


public void checkSyntax()
                 throws SyntaxErrorException
Description copied from class: Visual
Check the syntax for this component. This is a stub method.

checkSyntax in class Input


public java.lang.Double getMinValue()


public void setMinValue(java.lang.Double minValue)


public java.lang.Double getMaxValue()


public void setMaxValue(java.lang.Double minValue)


public java.lang.Double getDoubleValue()
                                throws SyntaxErrorException
Return the value as an Double object.

SyntaxErrorException - If the content of the value attribute don't represent an valid Double.


public void setDoubleValue(java.lang.Double value)
Set the value of the input passing a double value


public int getMinFractionDigits()
Get the MinFractionDigits value.

the MinFractionDigits value.


public void setMinFractionDigits(int newMinFractionDigits)
Set the MinFractionDigits value.

newMinFractionDigits - The new MinFractionDigits value.


public int getMaxFractionDigits()
Get the MaxFractionDigits value.

the MaxFractionDigits value.


public void setMaxFractionDigits(int newMaxFractionDigits)
Set the MaxFractionDigits value.

newMaxFractionDigits - The new MaxFractionDigits value.


public java.util.Vector nonAttributeGetters()
Description copied from class: Component
Method used to define what methods started with "get" or "is" are not component attributes getter methods.
This method in all subclasses of Component must start with the following line:
Vector v = super.nonAttributeGetters();
and end with the following:
return v;

nonAttributeGetters in class Input


public void setNumberFormat(java.text.NumberFormat numberFormat)
Sets a different NumberFormat object to use when setting the value from a Double.
When using this method, maxFractionDigits and minFractionDigits are ignored.

numberFormat - New value of property numberFormat.
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